New LGBT Instagram Stars You’ll Want to Follow!


If you’re one of those gay guys who love social media and follow inspiring profiles, we have an Instagram account recommendation list that you have to follow. You’ll find a favorite and you will identify with him or her, why? Because they belong to a group of the latest icons of the LGBT community.



Jwan Yosef is a Syrian plastic artist raised in Sweden. He’s sensual, an art, nature and photography lover. He loves to publish material about his studio and artistic work that is often focused on criticism. His photos are of fashion and charity galas that he and his family attend. We'll give you just one more piece of information to convince you to follow him: he's Ricky Martin's husband!



Another of our Instagram recommendations belongs to Jon Kortajarena. A Spanish guy with almost two million followers on his Instagram account alone. This model and fashion has become an icon of the LGBT community by sharing his work as a model in social networks. If you are passionate about fashion, you have to follow him!



There are accounts to follow on Instagram that are nice to find, especially if you belong to the LGBT community, and this is one of them! @ProbablyThis is made up of Beau and Matt, a gay couple who’ve managed to position themselves as one of the favorites. Their photographs always show them together and in situations that make you think that ideal couples really do exist. Follow them and you’ll see what we mean.



With just half a million followers, Ariel Díaz is an expert in "illusionist makeup". In his profile he has photos in which he is characterized as different Hollywood celebrities and movie characters. This is one of those accounts to follow on Instagram that inspires you to take your makeup, glitters and brushes and blow your creativity. He is a true artist!


Photo: @Probablythis


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